Scholarship Fund

We updated our Scholarship Fund

The mission of the CFA is to promote professional, ethical, and educational standards of its members within the business community; To cultivate good fellowship; To share ideas and provide mutual assistance in the promotion of commerce, and to achieve coordinated action in the matters involving or affecting logistics solutions.

To further these objectives, the CFA is offering two (2) types of educational scholarships. Through the Jan Smilanich Scholarship Fund, a current college student will be awarded a $500 scholarship. The CFA will also grant up to $1500 in scholarships to active CFA member(s) or immediate relative of a current member(s), enrolled in an academic or certification course.

PURPOSE: To provide financial incentive for candidates with a desire to receive or expand their education thereby increasing the community value of the Cleveland Freight Association.

 APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY: Any active member or student of the transportation, distribution, logistics, or supply chain business community domiciled in Northeast Ohio, pursuing educational endeavors in these fields.

QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: Applicant must be currently enrolled or planning to enroll:

− In an accredited two or four year program with a major in a broad field of transportation, distribution, logistics, or supply chain management
− For industry-related certification
− In industry related training program
− For continuing education credits

Recipients of the scholarship or their representative must attend the General Meeting determined by the CFA Board at which the award will be presented.

HOW TO APPLY: Submit the attached application form by mail to PO Box 81002 AMF Cleveland Ohio 44181 or email 

BASIS OF SELECTION: Random drawing by a CFA member at any General Meeting determined by the CFA Board during the calendar year. 

ADMINISTRATION: Proof of enrollment in the accredited course of class shall be furnished to the CFA by the college, university, training or continuing education facility. The CFA may present the Award directly to the student or be paid directly to the training or continuing education provider. Scholarship recipient must be a paid, participating CFA member for one (1) year immediately following the receipt of the award.

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS: Please contact any CFA Board Member or Officer or email the CFA at